ragersTextureBase - Manual


ragersTextureBase is a Gallery for images or textures. It enables a keyword- and a color-based search. Most images are not modified and can be downloadet in the original resolution. ragersTextureBase is still in an early phase of development. If you encounter any bugs please send an e-mail to: bugs@ragerworks.com.

Keywordbased search

Just enter a keyword into the searchfield and press enter or click the search button. It is possible to search for multiple keywords (no comma required). If multiple keywords are entered the search will use an "AND" an show all results with at least one of the keywords. You can use the Preview to look for other keywords that might help you.

Colorbased search

You can enter a hex based color directly into the colorsearchfiled or use the color picker by clicking into the button right after the color searchfield.

Combined search

If a keyword and a colorbased search are combined with an "OR" to provide better results.


Click on an thumbnail to open the preview with additional information over the texture. All keywords are shown in the title of the newly opened window. The extracted colors for the color based search are shown directly under the preview image. On the right side the original resolution is shown. In the right corner are buttons to see a map of the location where the image was taken (if GPS data is available) and a download button with the size of the original image in MB.

modal screen

Image Upload

Currently there is no public image/texture upload. If you want to participate to the texturebase texture portfolio send an e-mail to: textures@ragerworks.com.