ragersComicImporter for Calibre

ragersComicImporter is a fast and convenient way to batch import/add digital-comics in CBR- and CBZ-formats to your calibre-database. The integrated Calibre-eBook-import is not tailored to comics and nearly always needs manual invention. ragersComicImporter automaticly extracts basic information from the filenames, since ComicInfo.xml is not widely spread yet. This meta-data can then easily be tweaked before the comics are imported. With the help of ragersComicImporter you are able to import even large collections in an acceptable time into the Calibre-Database.

Usage Hints:
  • Drag comics belonging to one series into the program. That way, ragersComicImporter is able to determine the series-name and title automatically
  • Import of comics is only possible if the calibre-eBook-manager is closed, otherwise Calibre will not allow the acces to the database!
ragersComicImporter supports these meta-data-fields:
  • Title
  • Series
  • Index
  • Author
  • Publisher
  • Publishing year
Other field can be added or edited in Calibre afterwards.